DGB “Off The Porch” interview with Mobsquad Nard

A few months ago Haze of Dirty Glove Bastard traveled down to Jacksonville, Florida to link up with Cinematic Music Group rapper Mobsquad Nard. After Nard & Starlito shot the video for “Black Magic”, Haze & Nard went down to his old hood off Myrtle St. to do the “Off The Porch” interview. During the sitdown, he talks about the city of Jacksonville, the rap scene there, aligning himself with Mobsquad at an early age, meeting Johnny Shipes & signing to Cinematic, where his saying “Itz Dat” comes from, his excellent album Nardo Davinci, getting a co-sign and advice from Starlito + more. You can watch the interview below & be sure to check out his new video “448 Flow” that was released earlier this week.

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